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International School of Davao


Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is ESC? Educational Service Contracting or ESC is a system of government financial assistance that provides grants for deserving elementary graduates to pursue secondary education in a private high school of their choice.


2. Who can avail the ESC Program? Only elementary graduates who will pursue secondary education in an ESC participating private high school of their choice can avail the ESC program (Incoming Grade 7 students).


3. Can I still continue the ESC grant in case of transfer? Yes. You can still enjoy the ESC grant provided that you will transfer to any ESC participating schools. Just present to the accepting school a certification letter reflecting your School-ESC ID number not later than the cut-off date for online application.


4. How to apply for the ESC Program? Incoming Grade Seven students who desire to apply for the ESC Program at PISD shall follow the procedure below.


Note: Only officially enrolled learners may apply for ESC.

  STEP 1: A. Submit a letter of intent addressed for the Chief of Student Affairs.

  STEP 2: Applications are forwarded to the ESC school committee for screening. Preference shall be given to 

                public elementary school graduates and those who are in need of financial assistance.

                (RA 10533 - E- GASTPE)

  STEP 3: Approved applicants, based on the allocated slots for the year, shall sign an ESC contract at the

               Registrar’s office.


For Transferees who are existing ESC grantees: Please submit a certification from originating school indicating student”s ID ( SID ) number and school ID.


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