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International School of Davao

Our Vision

PISD is a Christian, Filipino, International school that produces value-laden leaders who are spiritually founded, earnestly nationalistic, globally competent, and culturally sensitive.

Our Mission

As a Christian, Filipino, International School, we commit ourselves to provide quality education that fortifies faith, strengthens character, enhances competence, crosses barriers and fosters patriotism.

Our Goals

As a Christian School...

- excellence in all its programs
- spiritual formation of its learners, faculty, staff and the whole community - inculcation of Christ-like values in all its activities.

As a Filipino school...

- appreciation of Filipino, Mindanaoan and Davaoeno heritage - emphasis on community involvement and empowerment
- promotion of clean and green environment
- development of responsible and honest leaders

As an International School...

- globally competitive programs and curriculum - proficiency in spoken and written English
- mastery of academic competencies
- enhancement of multiple intelligence

- incorporation of information technology in instruction

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