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International School of Davao


Precious International School of Davao believes that education is achieved through holistic formation of the learner as a Filipino, as a Christian and as a citizen of the world.

PISD, as a Christian school, believes that everything done must be done heartily as unto the Lord. Thus, it upholds excellence in all its programs, both curricular and cocurrcular. It stands strong in its mission to promote spiritual formation of its constituents, and the community as a whole because nothing worthwhile could be achieved by the school alone, but by the concerted efforts of all stakeholders. Most importantly, PISD believes that faith is best manifested in the outward expression of Christ-like values in day to day activities.

As a Filipino school, PISD adheres to the premise that the core of patriotism and nationalism is the appreciation of Filipino, Mindanaoan and Davaoeño heritage; without which, pride in the Filipino culture cannot be truly imbibed. As love for country remains a personal ideal, it is demonstrated by an unselfish and sincere compassion for the marginalized, underprivileged and disadvantaged members of society. It does not also dis- regards the fact the fact that the environment is of primal importance in upholding the values and principles of a true Filipino. It further believes that national transformation can only be achieved by raising a new breed of leaders who shall govern with integrity, honesty and fear of the Lord.

PISD is an international school, thereby, it continues to advocate a kind of education which develops globally competent individuals who are able to keep abreast with the changing trends and greates demands of the 21st Century. It believes that ability to express one’s thoughts and ideas through spoken and written English is essential to relating to the world beyond the school, the city and the nation. PISD does not dispel the factthat individuals have unique capabilities that have to be honed and opportunitues must be given to celebrate various strengths, talents and intelligences.

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