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International School of Davao


After having taught at the Ateneo de Davao Grade School for 27 long and fruitful years, Mrs. Perla Pichon Kwan decided to leave Ateneo in 1996. She went to observe some classes in the United States of America. With the blessing of the Lord Almighty, she was able to teach a preschool class in Laguna Beach Area, Los Angeles, California.


Upon her return to the Philippines, she was resolved not to become active in the academic world anymore albeit she agreed to write some textbooks, which are now being used not only in PISD but also in other private schools throughout the country. But an educator will always be an educator. The call of the academe haunted her since teaching the children ran through her veins. It was in this juncture that founding a school became an irresistible force that eventually cracked her resolve to be a full-time housewife and mother. Thus, the birth of then, DAVAO PRECIOUS CHILD ACADEMY came into fruition.


On its first year of operations, there were only 46 enrollees from Level I to Level III with 3 faculty members and one (1) secretary who were carefully chosen based on scholastic record achievement, performance, skills and attitude.


Now, PISD continues its mission to provide quality education at a lower cost. The population has tremendously increased from 46 trusting pupils in June 1999, the school now has around 2,000 eager, expectant learners for SY 2015-2016.


The school now offers Playschool (2-5 years) to Grade 10 (formerly coined as 4th year high school). Facilities are already prepared for Senior High School (Grades 11 & 12) come June 2016.


In December 2005, PISD was chosen as the Most Effective Private Elementary School in Region XI. The areas evaluated were: Curriculum and Instruction, Resources and Facilities, Faculty and Staff Management and Development and Community Support.


In February 2006, MRS. PERLA PICHON-KWAN, owner and Principal of PISD, was chosen as a regional winner along with another principal from an equally prestigious private school to represent Region XI in the nationwide level search. During the national competition in May 2006, she was awarded as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Principals in the Philippines.                                                


With all these favors from God Almighty, the entire Precious community returns all the GLORY AND HONOR TO OUR CREATOR. Indeed GOD REWARDS FAITHFULNESS!

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