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The older brother hums the melody to his favorite song. His younger sister raises an eyebrow, wondering how he could be so chill. “Aren’t you supposed to be working on your video project?” She asks. He looks at her with a smile, shaking his head. “Ever since the guys told me I wasn’t good at editing and making the videos, I thought about stopping. And now I have! I’m free!” Their mom overhears the conversation and walks inside the room. “Did I hear that right, son? You stopped making videos, music videos too?” Her son shrugs. “I just don’t feel like doing it, mom. No one cares about them anyway. I’ve got no views or support the past few weeks, aside from you guys.” Their mom sits at the edge of the bed, observing the brother’s room. “Well, you still have a lot of music posters and old film awards. I don’t think the passion is gone, just- not motivated,” Their mom says. “You know, son, when it comes to doing what you love, remember your purpose. When you live from your purpose, the people will follow. But don’t depend on people to give you your purpose.”

Parents. It’s easy to dream, a challenge to pursue, and harder to live out. I don’t know if you have any dreams or plans that were cancelled or prayers that seem unanswered, but I want to encourage you to reflect. Is your life lived for purpose or peo- ple? It’s not wrong to think of other people, especially since you’re leading your family! However, getting too caught up in being successful, financially well-off, etc. can cause one to forget purpose. As a leader of your family, your purpose is to plant good and right seeds. Whether that be in word or deed, your children look up to you and are impacted by you. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what other people say, as long as your children, your family is safe, secure, and strong. Don’t get caught up in the people-pleasing or material chasing. Know why you work, why you get up every day, why you keep giving your all. And know that God created you with a purpose too.

Students. You may hear this a lot, but yes, you are still young, and there’s much to do and experience in this life. However, that does not mean you should do whatever you want for the sake of YOLO (you only live once) or FOMO (fear of missing out). Because you only live once, you should fear missing out on God’s purpose for you. You may not see it yet, or understand how, but God has a purpose for your life. Every day, there is something purposeful you can do to plant good and right seeds for your future and your family. As your parents and guardians do their part, you are expected to do yours too. Responsibility and extra work are not easy, but the discipline leads to greater results in the future. And, whenever you see pictures or high- light reels on social media or entertainment outlets, remember that they are screens showing highlights. No one is perfect, and so no one can ever experience perfect appreciation, approval, or acceptance. We can only find all that we need in He who gave us purpose.

“...Put your heart and soul into every activity you do, as though you are doing it for the Lord Himself and not merely for oth- ers....” Colossians 3:23 TPT




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